OCC Events

July 1

9-11:00 am

For our July meeting, the Collaborative has invited both Dr. Greg Murphy and Dr. Joan Perry, candidates for the upcoming primary runoff election on July 9th!

This will be our first “Coffee with the Candidates” event where those who are seeking the duty of being elected community leaders are able to share their ideas and solutions to issues relating to addiction, mental health, and intellectual or developmental disability.

This session will focus on SA/MH/IDD related topics on the national policy level and will be moderated by our co-chairs! Questions from attendees will be allowed but they must be submitted, (see below), before the event as they will be categorized into topic areas and combined for efficiency.

We’re excited to try this out for the first time as we will have another one for the upcoming general election for the 3rd Congressional District, which is on September 10th.

We’d like to be clear that the OCC is nonpartisan, is not a political action committee, and does not provide any form of endorsement of political candidates or parties. We are simply a community focus group offering an academic community forum for authentic dialogue on problems, ideas, and solutions for the SA/MH/IDD community. 🙂

Questions for the candidates can be submitted here:

A little about you:

Your Question:

Questions should be objective, open ended, and relative to addiction, mental health, or intellectual/developmental disabilies.

See you there!