Nov ’17 Meeting

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Making steam!

Today’s meeting was fired up and ready to go with 41 attending! We had everyone from parents children with autism, to agency providers, to Sen. Thom Tillis’ office.

We went over updates from what the Collaborative has been up to since our last meeting, including last week’s ORAH Overdose & Suicide Vigil, which was a huge success.

Barriers & Breakthroughs

We’ve been approached by community leadership to help them with developing solutions to barriers to addiction and mental health treatment. So today the Collaborative conducted a Barriers & Breakthrough activity. Attendees partnered up and spent time writing down barriers they’ve heard of or seen in their own agencies, practices, or personal experiences. Everyone was so fired up that they started doing the exercise before we could give them instructions!

Everyone in the room gave examples of barriers they’ve identified as well as causes to those barriers. Then we talked about things that have worked in the past or in other communities or states to remove those barriers. The end goal is to form an action plan and to channel our local advocacy efforts.

We got some amazing and deep responses, but we’ll include them all in a soon-in-the-future publication. So stay tuned.

Roundtable Discussion

“We Hear You” Town Hall Tour

To continue the conversation throughout our community, we are reaching out to many of the areas of Onslow that are often left out. We discussed our upcoming first-top town hall in Sneads Ferry. The town hall will be in Sneads Ferry on November 18 from 4-7 pm.

For the first hour, we’ll hear from a panel of professionals ranging from Onslow EMS’ Community Paramedic Program to our county’s mobile crisis team. For the second hour, participants will enjoy fellowship and networking. A meal will be provided for free to the community and have the opportunity to interact with local community resources/services. To conclude the evening, participants will then be able to ask the panelists questions during the third hour.

Future locations:

Swansboro-Belgrade, Maysville, Maple Hill, Richlands, Nine Mile, Holly Ridge, Hubert-Stella, and Haws Run

2018 Mental Health & Substance Use Seminar

We also talked about updates to our efforts in hosting the county’s first mental health/substance use seminar. The seminar will be our first effort to bring both awareness and education into the lives of our families and youth, providers, and even city/county leadership.

So far we are looking to have the seminar in March of 2018. If you and your agency/organization would like to facilitate breakout sessions, go here:

Download Application
New Years Event!

The Collaborative voted to have an event for families, providers, and community stakeholders to bring in the new year, (dang – we’re on a roll!). We’re getting started on planning this one and we aren’t letting out any secrets, but we will let you know it’s going to be a “black tie” celebration 🙂

Wrapping up

Overall this was a very productive meeting and we look forward to seeing you all on December 4 at 9 am for our December (obviously) meeting!

If you have a community event coming up, send us a message and let us know. If it’s appropriate for what the Collaborative is about, we’ll get the word out!